Three ways of placing order at our shop:

1. Without account setting:

you need to add products to the cart and proceed through short order placing process selecting at stage 2 „LOG IN” the option PURCHASE WITHOUT REGISTRATION. Next please enter data marked with * which are necessary to conduct your shipment and follow appearing instructions.

2. With account set:

you can create the account in short order placing process selecting at stage 2 „LOG IN” the option CREATE THE ACCOUNT and next follow the appearing instructions


click the ”Log in” link at right side of header bar, close to cart drawing, select „CREATE THE ACCOUNT OPTION” and next follow the appearing instructions at the end clicking „REGISTER” bar.

Account setting confirmation with your log in details will be e mailed to you at the e mail address provided during registration process.

Manor of Elegance complies with all rules set in Privacy Policy. We use SSL encryption. Therefore all you personal date you provide to us are encrypted and protected from third entities. However your account password is the most important protection. Therefore never share it with others and make sure it is not easily accessible. If you wan tot remove your account from our shop please contact us and we will close it.

Multiple benefit are granted to you when you shop at us with account set:

- you are in full control of your personal data and can change it any time
- you maximally shorten the order process as your data are automatically completed
- you have the access to your transactions records
- you are granted with permanent loyalty discounts for your purchase at our shop depending on your cumulated spending level recorded on your account. You can find more about loyalty program here

After order placement you will receive, at the e mail address provided under your account, the information about next steps of your order proceeding. Additionally it may also happen that we will call you to agree order completion details.

3. By phone:

Call us and place your order.
After receiving your phone order we will send it back to you in written form, at the e mail address provided during a phone call, confirming all order conditions along with all informations necessary for it completion. 
As next step please e mail us back your order conformation.
We will start proceeding your order after receiving your confirmation e mail.