About me

Manor of Elegance is Polish clothes brand created by me in 2013 because it was more and more difficult for me to buy my favourite classic fashions and most importantly made from high quality fabrics.

It is also my objection against mass fast fashion trend - massive promotion of latest fashion, created especially to support fast sales of very cheap clothes in big retail networks. It results in creation of new habit among all of us - buying „trendy” clothes at lowest possible prices, in fact it is done without keeping any ethical rules! Starting from sewing them with very poor quality fabrics, mostly artificial. The low quality of such fabrics makes the clothes unable to survive even few washing and after one season they usually qualify to the waste bin. And that’s it! Again we have new space at our wardrobe to buy new, next season „trendy” clothes at very attractive prices. Yet, in long term - is it really cheap way of dressing? Everyone should answer this question to oneself. Same one should remember that second important factor of low priced clothes is cheap working force. They are women, children working in huge factories in China, Pakistan….often sewing for 12 hours daily in very tough conditions for a very little money. And nobody is going to pay them more because we, in our country, want to buy our clothes as cheap as possible. That is why it is worth to check the labels to find out who sew our clothes and from which fabric.

Also read labels of clothes produced by well known, expensive brands - in context od used fabric. I was very surprised discovering that majority of them is made from artificial fabrics, what means usually pretty cheap ones. So the very high price of the garment is not fair taking into account low price of the used fabric.

Everybody has a choice and takes own decision how much to pay and for what quality. I wanted to buy clothes which price is really driven by the high quality. And because it was very difficult for me to find such clothes on the market, despite huge industry offer, I have decided to design and produce them by myself. Designing - although I have no education in that direction - gives me a lot satisfaction from creation of beautiful things. From kindergarden I loved all form of art and I was always naturally good at it. Now I co-operate with fantastic designer and wonderful woman form Łódź - Basia Reinhold - and learn from her all secrets of design and tailoring art.

First collection of Manor of Elegance spring - summer 2014 was inspired by absolute class of timeless elegance icons: Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and Princess Diana Spencer. The class which they expressed by always perfectly composed outfit but most of all in their fair values, determination and courage actions, because of which we still remember those wonderful women. If you want to learn more how they were thinking and what they achieved - please jump to my blog!

Manor of Elegance collections are designed for modern and demanding women, which most of all value beauty of classic designs combined with highest quality of fabrics. Thanks to that they knowingly create their unique style, fully reflecting their special personalities and life values.

At the same time, respecting the beauty of every female body, I design clothes which suit different types od body shapes and I advice how to choose them correctly. 
Every collection is also internally consistent what allows to create many different sets out to it, so it allows for careful planning and building of the wardrobe - starting from creating reliable base and ending up with complementing it with very exceptional „pearls”. Thanks to that the woman is always absolutely sure that she is perfectly dressed - for special occasions and for every day - doesn’t matter what she picks out from her wardrobe.

The highest quality - which is key for my brand - i express also in high quality of used fabrics. Mostly I select natural fabrics and I import them from reputable producers from Italy, Portugal, France, England. Responsible production is also among my values so I produce in Łódź supporting Polish sewings, where I was still able to find people passionate about genuine tailoring. 

By all I do I really want to help bringing back the quality into our lives - in all we do and who we are. My mission is to create the woman which is not only perfectly dressed but most of all with high self-confidence so she is able bravely and consequently set and fulfil her life goals.  I want to support her in that effort as I truly believe that true elegance is a state of mind.

If you would like to meet me bit more personally :) - please check enclosed clips! See you!